2023 Fenix Collegium Award to Nelli Piattoeva

The Tampere University Association of Researchers and Teachers (TATTE) has awarded the 2023 Fenix Collegium Award to Associate Professor Nelli Piattoeva.

Piattoeva works in the Faculty of Education and Culture in the EduKnow – Power, Politics and Education research group. In the nomination letter, Piattoeva’s colleagues describe her as follows:

“Nelli always stands up for collegiality, both in her everyday life and in her positions of responsibility. Nelli is always ready to help a colleague and she actively seeks to dismantle the competitive atmosphere at the university by highlighting structural problems that reduce collegiality and by encouraging others to do things differently and to resist.”

“Nelli Piattoeva is a great example of a colleague who, through her warmth, kindness and collegiality, creates a great atmosphere in the working community. Nelli encourages people to question the current “laws” of the university world and actively seeks to improve the working community’s policies and practices. Nelli Piattoeva definitely deserves this great recognition.”

Tatte’s board noted that Piattoeva, as a member of both her work community and the wider university community, does much more than she needs to, selflessly and clearly of her own volition:  She is trying to bring about positive change in the university and is highlighting issues and problems that hinder good academic work.


In addition to the award itself, this year Tatte’s board decided to give two honorary mentions. 

The first honourable mention was given to Marie Curie Research Fellow Ana Tomé Klock. Ana works in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, in the Gamification Group. Tatte’s board considers Klock to be an exceptional example of an early career researcher who supports and sustains her research community.

The second honourable mention went to Terhi Kipinä, Senior Specialist in the Education and Learning Unit, Services for International Education and Integration. Tatte’s board emphasised Terhi’s ability to connect people across the university community and find common understanding.

The aim of the award is to give recognition to academics and other people at Tampere University who are pillars of their own work community. The award is not based on merit in research or teaching, but simply on good cooperation, maintaining a good spirit in one’s own work community, peer support or trust for co-workers, and practical day-to-day co-operation and solidarity. With this award, Tatte wants to show his appreciation for researchers, teachers, and other staff members who see an equal, collegial community as a key prerequisite for research and as a creative force.

Any member of the Tampere University community could be nominated for the award. The Fenix Collegium award sum is 1,000 euros. The recipient can spend the amount with and among their colleagues in the way they consider most conducive to the well-being of their work community. In addition, a Fenix Collegium rotating prize, created by Tampere-based artist Mikko Tapio, is presented to the recipient’s work community.

The winner and honourable mentions were announced at Tatte’s May Day event on Friday 28.4.2023. Tatte’s board would like to thank everyone who nominated their colleagues for the award. Congratulations to Ana, Terhi, and especially to Nelli!