University Action for Ukraine-based Students, Researchers, and Teachers Should Not Depend on Nationality

HUART urges university action for Ukraine-based students, researchers, and teachers regardless of nationality

The Helsinki University Researchers and Teachers Association (HUART) strongly shares the sentiments expressed by the University of Helsinki and by the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) in solidarity with the students, researchers, teachers, and citizens and residents of Ukraine. At the same time, HUART is very concerned about the extremely vulnerable situation for the international residents of Ukraine, particularly those from African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries, and urges the university community to consider specific support measures to address their urgent needs.

While significant efforts have been made in Finland and Europe to support Ukrainian citizens in finding safety and opportunity outside of Ukraine, less attention has been paid to supporting the international residents of Ukraine. HUART urges the University of Helsinki to take into account the specific and unique situation of international people in Ukraine in efforts to support those fleeing the war. We strongly encourage the inclusion of distinct support measures to address the needs of international students and university staff attempting to leave Ukraine and advocate for the introduction of such measures at a national level.

In particular, we urge the University of Helsinki to treat those fleeing Ukraine equally and extend support measures such as removal of the Open University study fees to all refugees regardless of their nationality. We call on the University to support international students and staff of Ukrainian universities in identifying affordable housing and to provide support in navigating Finland’s study and residence permits. We call on the University to advocate for measures to ease entry requirements for refugees from developing countries fleeing Ukraine, including removing the mandatory proof of sufficient financial resources for issuing study visas.

HUART stands ready to support the University of Helsinki, FUURT, and the university community in taking these urgent actions.


On behalf of the HUART board:

Tommi Kokkonen
Helsinki University Researchers and Teachers