Campus-based shop stewards supporting you

Shop stewards offer guidance and support to members in problematic situations at work. They negotiate with representatives of the employer and develop communities of employees and employers together with them. The idea behind a campus-based shop steward system in place at the University of Helsinki is that members of any JUKO trade union association can turn to a shop steward who represents their faculty, department, or subject: this means the shop steward is familiar with the workplace and can help in problematic situations.

List of campus-based shop stewards can be found on FLAMMA.

TO Flamma

Shop stewards 1.1.2023–31.12.2024

Chief shop stewards:


Chief shop steward
University Lecturer Nina Peitsaro
Loimu (Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences)

Chief shop steward
University Instructor Tiina Niklander
FUURT (Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers)

Chief shop steward
Professor Per Saris
Finnish Union of University Professors

Chief shop steward
University Lecturer Christian Rink
OAJ (Trade Union of Education)