HUART’s main goals:

  • to improve the position of fixed-term employees, grant-funded researchers, unemployed scholars, and PhD candidates
  • to promote a good culture of workplace cooperation at the University of Helsinki
  • to control the quality and volume of teaching duties
  • to advocate for the rights of international members



HUART’s working groups

HUART currently has four working groups open to all HUART members:

  • Communications Working Group
  • International Working Group
  • Member Recruitment and Engagement Working Group
  • Working Conditions Working Group

If you would like to join a working group, or you have ideas for developing HUART activities, please contact the Organisation Secretary at:


Readiness for industrial action

HUART promotes its members’ interests primarily through negotiation and communications. However, in certain situations readiness for industrial action is needed to:

  • support negotiators
  • increase credibility
  • reach better agreements

In situations where industrial action might be taken, HUART acts as part of the JUKO (the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals) University of Helsinki industrial action committee and follows its guidance. The University Advisory Board of JUKO (JUKOn yliopistoneuvottelukunta) decides what type of industrial action would be taken: a strike, partial refusal to work, or an overtime ban.

General Collective Agreement

The General Collective Agreement for Universities is valid between April 1st 2022 and March 31st 2024. You can find the latest version of the agreement here.