Welcome to shop stewards’ Q & A session on Friday 17th May


Tampere University’s shop stewards invite all employees to a Q & A session at 9-10 on Friday 17th May via Teams. The theme of the session is holidays and absences, but the shop stewards will also answer other questions.

Working conditions, salaries, working time, holidays, absences, fixed-term employment relationships and travel-related practices are some of the questions frequently asked of the shop stewards. Answers are provided to these and other questions presented by the participants. 

Shop stewards mainly guide and help trade union members. However, all university employees interested in working conditions are welcome to the Q & A sessions.

The session concentrates on holidays and absences. The sessions are flexibly bilingual, meaning that questions can be posed in both Finnish and English.

Questions may also be sent in advance to Chief Shop Steward Sinikka Torkkola (sinikka.torkkola@tuni.ti).

The Q & A session info has also been published in the University’s events calendar, and more information and the link to participate is available on the university intranet: https://intra.tuni.fi/en/content/news/56889.