Representative of mid-level organizations to the University Board elected, Collegium elections starting

Dear members of Jytte,

This fall, new members are again elected to the University Board, Collegium, and faculty councils. Representation in decision-making bodies is a key element of advocacy, and I am delighted to inform you that at 28th September, Olli-Pekka Moisio of Jytte was elected to serve as the representative of mid-level organisations in the University Board. The nomination is supported by JYLL, JYHY, and JYTT. It is great that the mid-level can speak with a single voice, and the cross-group support is a sign of recognition for the work Olli-Pekka has done as a member of the board. His greetings to the university staff can be found below. Jytte congratulates Olli-Pekka on the election.

The Collegium elections are also starting tomorrow, 30th September. If you are about to stand as a candidate, please contact the Jytte board so that we can discuss the types of support we might be able to provide during the election.


Kind regards,

Johanna Turunen

Chair of Jytte


Dear colleague,

I have been a member of the University Board for four years, and I am seeking another term. In this important role, I have worked to increase openness and dialogue within the university. Why am I seeking another term? Firstly, I believe that many of the tasks I consider essential for the strategic development of the university require a lot more work. During my term as a board member, I identified democratic culture as a key area of future development. On the other hand, since all external members of the board will be new, it is important to try and maintain continuity where possible.

I have tried my best to encourage the spirit of openness in the strategy process and to vigorously defend the idea of university as a place of civilization and learning. At the beginning of the term, I introduced the idea of open meetings at campus cafeterias under the title Hallitus tavattavissa (Meet the Board). I am especially interested in what staff and students think and what they worry about regarding the university. What is thought at the official school and faculty levels is less interesting, as there are formal events where their troubles can be addressed. I have found the cafeteria meetings inspiring and they help build a culture of communality and openness. They provide a unique perspective on the diversity of the university. If I am elected for another term, I will continue to hold regular open meetings. And you are always welcome to talk to me or to write to me about any University-related things that you consider important!

The university is represented on the Board by two professors and one student. My seat is considered to represent the so-called mid-level staff. As you know, the mid-level includes many people in a variety of roles. For this reason, I have found it extremely important to acquaint myself with the experiences of each subgroup to better understand their needs and hopes as well as the problems and challenges they have identified in the everyday running of the University. The so-called working committee has played an important role in the attempt to form a picture of the rich and diverse community. The working committee comprises the chairs of staff associations and chief shop stewards. Their views on ongoing matters and the feelings that are bubbling under the surface have been immensely helpful when I have considered my position on issues faced by the board. I would love to come to your associations event to discuss cooperation!


With regards,