Jytte’s membership

How to become a member

Joining the Association of Researchers and Teachers of Jyväskylä is worthwhile! As a member of Jytte, you are supported by the power, knowledge, and support of the local representation and of the entire union.

Jytte helps its members with problems related to work and unemployment, oversees its members’ interests connected to the labour law, social benefits, and wages at the University of Jyväskylä and negotiates on behalf of its members when needed. Additionally, Jytte provides local recreational activities and organises talks on topical issues. Members are also entitled to apply for small grants twice a year.

A comprehensive list of the membership benefits can be found from the sidebar.

You can join Jytte by submitting an electronic registration form. You may find the link to the electronic registration form from the sidebar.

Membership fees

Starting 2022, the Jytte membership fee is 1 % of the wages paid by the primary employer. For those who are not earning a wage (grant researchers; those on maternity, paternity, or parental leave; those on unpaid maternity leave; conscripts; the unemployed; students; and those who are on an unpaid leave for any other reason), the fee is 8 euros per month.

You can either authorise your employer to pay the membership fee on your behalf or you can pay the fee yourself. Also the authorisation form can be found from the sidebar.

Switching unions or member associations

Changing unions or unemployment funds is easy. If you are currently a member of a different union and would like to join The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT), you should begin the process by submitting a membership application. This can be done online. Once you have received confirmation that your application has been accepted, you should notify your former union and unemployment fund.

You cannot be a member of more than one unemployment fund at a time. Joining the new union before you terminate your membership with the old one will guarantee that your unemployment security continues uninterrupted. Accrued work and membership periods are retained and transferred over.

You should also notify your employer/wages clerk of the switch so that your contributions will be made to the correct union. Please also note that unemployment funds can only be changed while you are in employment, not while you are, for example, unemployed, on parental leave, or funded by a grant.


When you retire, there are different options regarding your membership in Jytte. You can remain a member, entitling you to all other membership benefits except unemployment security and promotion of interests concerning employment matters. The membership fee is 60 € per year for retired members. If you wish to continue as a retired member of Jytte, you should send a message to jasenpalvelu@tieteentekijat.fi with your change in membership and a copy of your pension to decision.

You may also resign your membership. To do so, you should send a message to jasenpalvelu@tieteentekijat.fi with the date of your resignation and if you want to terminate your membership to both the union and the Teacher’s unemployment fund.

Remember to update your information to the Union’s membership
register if something (e.g. your job situation or email address)
changes. You can update your information either directly messaging
Union’s membership secretary or via Union’s eService.