Jytte’s membership

How to become a member

Joining the Association of Researchers and Teachers of Jyväskylä makes sense! As a member of Jytte, you are supported by the power, knowledge, and support of your local representatives and of the entire union. Joining us is quick and easy.

Jytte promotes the interests of its members by protecting labor law, social benefits, and wages at the University of Jyväskylä and negotiates on behalf of its members when needed.

If you become unemployed, you are entitled to claim earnings-related allowance, providing that you have been a member of an unemployment fund for a minimum of 26 weeks and meet the employment criteria. During your membership, you must have worked for a minimum of 26 weeks over the last 28 months prior to the period of unemployment. The 26 weeks do not need to be consecutive. Please check the exact criteria from the rules of the unemployment fund. And please note that to be eligible for earnings-related allowance, you must have paid your union membership fees!

Grants, full-time study, sickness allowance, and family leave can extend the 28-month review period for up to seven years, but any associated income does not count as earnings. When your grant expires, you may be entitled to claim earnings-related allowance based on prior employment. In such a case, the amount of your earnings-related allowance is based on your last salary. For up-to-date information, please check the website of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund.

You can join Jytte by submitting an electronic registration form. A link to the form can be found on the sidebar and here. You can either authorise your employer to pay the membership fee on your behalf or you can pay the fee yourself. If you wish to authorise your employer to pay the fee, please submit an authorisation form to Certia (instructions can be found here). A link to the authorisation form can also be found on the sidebar.

Membership fees

Starting in 2022, the Jytte membership fee is 1 % of the salary and fees paid by your primary employer. For the unsalaried (grant researchers; those on maternity, paternity, or parental leave; those on unpaid maternity leave; conscripts; the unemployed; students; and those who are on an unpaid leave for any other reason), the fee is 8 euros a month. In unclear situations – if for example you are both employed and grant-funded – please contact FUURT at membership@fuurt.fi or jasenpalvelu@tieteentekijat.fi for help.

Switching unions or member associations

Changing unions or unemployment funds is easy. If you are currently a member of another union and would like to join The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT), you should begin the process by submitting the membership application, which can be done online. Once you have received confirmation that your application has been accepted, you should notify your union and unemployment fund at once as it is illegal to be a member of more than one unemployment fund at a time. Joining a new union before you end your membership with the old one will guarantee that your unemployment security continues uninterrupted. Accrued work and membership periods will be kept and transferred over.

You should also notify your employer of the switch so that your contributions will be made to the correct union. Please also note that you can only change unemployment funds while in salaried employment. You cannot change unions while, for example, unemployed, on parental leave, or funded by a grant.

If you are looking to change branches within FUURT, you can do so on the e-service or by emailing membership@fuurt.fi or jasenpalvelu@tieteentekijat.fi.


You may remain a member after your retirement. Membership entitles you to all other benefits except the unemployment fund and occupational safety. The annual membership fee is 60 €. If you wish to remain a member of Jytte after your retirement, please send the request to change your membership status and a copy of your pension certificate to either membership@fuurt.fi or jasenpalvelu@tieteentekijat.fi.

Leaving the Union

You may also leave the union at your discretion by contacting either membership@fuurt.fi or jasenpalvelu@tieteentekijat.fi. Please state your request to quit your union and/or unemployment fund membership as clearly as possible

Please keep your contact information on the membership register up to date! This is to ensure that you receive all our communications. You can update your information quickly and easily using the e-service