Grants for members

Members of Jytte are entitled to apply for small grants for maintaining and developing their professional know-how. Grants are provided for, for example, further professional education and international conference travel. NB: Because of the corona restrictions, Jytte encourages its members also to apply for funding towards the costs of other activities supporting their research and their personal development. These include different types of training, education, courses, summer schools and similar activities.

In the grant decisions, social and economic factors are taken into account. Supporting the education of unemployed members and grant researchers is prioritised. Providing grants to employed members depends on the number of applicants in the current application round, the number of unemployed members and grant researchers applying, applied amounts, and the sum Jytte can give out as grants at each time.

Jytte organises two grant application rounds every year: one every spring and one every autumn.

How to apply

Attach into the funding application a supplement page with the following information: 1) what is the funding applied for (what, where, when, and why) and 2) the overall budget and a concise financing plan.

Email the application form and the supplement page (maximum length: one A4 page) as a single PDF file to Jytte’s membership secretary matti.leppaniemi [at] with the subject line “Jytte – apurahahakemus”.

The application form can be found here: JytteGrantApplicationForm2019

Applicants are notified of the approval/rejection of their application via email. Awarded grants are also announced on Jytte’s homepage.

The spring 2021 application round ends on May 6th at 23:59.

NB: Funding is not awarded retrospectively. The trip or the training for which a grant is applied must take place after the application deadline.