Why should you be member of ITTE and FUURT?

FUURT is specialist in lobbying researchers, teachers, librarians and other research staff in universities and Finnish Academy.

FUURT is party in nationwide collective bargaining contracts and local salary contracts. FUURT’s shop stewards keep watch that contracts are obeyed. Other trade unions do not have the same possibilities to take care of salary matters and other benefits for those who work in universities. Read more from FUURT’s web pages above.

How to apply membership?

To apply membership you should fill FUURT’s Membership form (from FUURT’s web page choose Membership Apply for membership).

For FUURT local branch choose Association of Researchers and Teachers of Eastern Finland.

Trade union dues

The easiest way to pay dues is by power of attorney.

You can find the authorization form from FUURT’s web pages at MATERIAL – Forms – Authorization form. Print the form. Fill as local branch number: 005, and as Basis of amount 1%. Then send the form to your employers payroll. (In UEF to Certia).

If you work on personal grant or you are not working, you should pay the due yourself by bank transfer, which FUURT sends to you. Then the due is 8€ per month.


ITTE’s board handles the membership application and you will join ITTE mailing list, where we inform members on ITTE’s current affairs.

If your email address changes, please send mail to ITTE’s member secretary or to ITTE itte@itte-ry.fi.

Unemployment insurance

The members of FUURT have unemployment insurance in Opettajien työttömyyskassa.