Association of Researchers and Teachers in Eastern Finland

Itä-Suomen Tieteentekijät ITTE ry – Association of Researchers and Teachers in Eastern Finland – is trade union and lobbyist for teachers and researchers in University of Eastern Finland – and also generally in Eastern Finland. It has 700 members and it belongs to FUURT (The Finnish Union for University Researchers and Teachers), which is foremost AKAVA’s trade union in University field. AKAVA is organization of academic wage earners.

ITTE keeps watch of it’s members rights, social benefits and salary. ITTE’s shop stewards help in problem situations. ITTE’s members are eligible to earnings-related unemployment allowance.

Anyone working in Eastern Finland as researcher, teacher or in research related activities can join ITTE, which is a big and active player. You are welcome to acquaintance our activities, current topics and events. 

What has ITTE done?

ITTE’s representatives have participated in preparation of parity program, guiding principles, personnel strategy, etc. ITTE’s views affect the operation of the whole university. ITTE has an official position in UEF, which enables straight negotiations and  local bargains. During the years ITTE and it’s predecessors KUTTE and JoYT have bargained on several matters including assistant’s research seasons, assistant’s duties, grounds of recruitment, etc.

ITTE has representatives in cooperation advisory board, occupational health and safety committee and payroll system evaluation group. ITTE’s representative is also in UEF’s board.