Fall assemblies elected new members of the board and recognized accomplished academics

The TATTE fall general assembly and the FUURT fall union assembly were both held last week. The assemblies decided on the action plans for the upcoming year and elected their new members of the board and leadership. The union assembly also recognized accomplished academics with Akava medals. 


TATTE fall general assembly 25 November, 2020

The TATTE ry fall general assembly was held on 25 November, 2020. The assembly approved the plan of action and budget for 2021, and decided to maintain the membership fees at their current level. In the plan of action, the focus areas next year will be

  •  fair and decent working opportunities for researchers and teachers,
  • the position of international researchers and teachers at Tampere University and
  • the development of decision-making practices and management systems at Tampere University.

In addition, the fall general assembly of TATTE ry elected Sanni Tiitinen as its president for the year 2021, and the following persons to be its members and deputy members of the board:


Katariina Hakala (Mikko Poutanen)

Toni Pakkanen (Jaakko Vuorio)

Liisa Ahlava (Hanna Rautajoki)

Emilia Luukka (Bishwo Adhikari)

Marko Juutinen (Motolani Agbebi)

Jaana Virta (Anna Salonen)

Ahmed Farooq (Derek Ruez)

Vesna Holubek (Sumanta Samanta).


The FUURT fall union assembly 28 November, 2020

The FUURT union assembly was held on 28 November, 2020. At the start of the assembly, the union recognized accomplished academics with Akava medals. Tatte congratulates all awardees, and wishes to recognize in particular our member Sari Hyttinen, who has been a long-time shop steward at Tampere University.

The FUURT union assembly also elected its president and two vice presidents, as well as its new members of the board. For the new two-year term, the assembly elected Maija S. Peltola as its president (University of Turku Researchers, Teachers and Lecturers, TYT), and Tero Karjalainen (Association of Researchers and Teachers in Eastern Finland, ITTE) and Sanni Tiitinen (Tampere University Association of Researchers and Teachers, TATTE). TATTE member Hanna Rautajoki was elected as a FUURT deputy member of the board.