Jytte’s statutory autumn meeting and Pre-Christmas party

Jytte’s statutory autumn meeting and Pre-Christmas party are held November 17, 2022, at Restaurant Jalo (Asemakatu 2). The meeting is held from 16:30 ‘till 17:30 and the Pre-Christmas party from 17:30 ‘till 22:00. Food, beverages, and entertainment are included, as is customary. You are heartfeltly welcome to participate and meet other members!

The autumn meeting includes the election of the chair and board members for 2023 as well as other important elections and decisions. At the end of the meeting, we can also discuss important emergent issues brought in by the members.

The registrations to Jytte’s Jyväskylä event have already closed, but if you are situated in Kokkola, Jouni Kaipainen is organizing a separate Pre-Christmas Party for the members in Kokkola with online connection to the statutory autumn meeting. If you are interested, contact Jouni via email: jouni.p.kaipainen(at)jyu.fi

If you are interested in possibilities to influence the university sector both locally and on the domestic level, the statutory autumn meeting, with the election of the Jytte board for 2023, marks a good opportunity. If you are interested in joining the board of Jytte, or have any questions, please contact Jytte’s chair Johanna: johanna.k.turunen(at)jyu.fi.  

It is our objective to continue with Jytte’s climate and the environment working group also during 2023. Also members from beyond Jytte’s board are welcome to join the working group, as before. If you are interested in joining, or have any questions regarding the working group, please contact Heli Niskanen via email: heli.m.niskanen(at)jyu.fi.