The union representatives of Akava-affiliated unions are organised under the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO ( JUKO has the right to appoint one main union representative and six union representatives with personal alternates. One union representative and alternate are specially responsible for FfÅA’s members.

The union representatives serve as contact persons between the employer, the association and the individual employee. This means, for instance, that the representative should pass on information between these parties and be able to answer questions about the positions, for example about the application of collective agreements and other regulations.

In practice, the questions presented to the union representatives often concern holidays, maternity and paternity leaves, salaries etc. The work also involves communication with the main union representative and other union representatives at ÅAU, JUKO, the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers and the board of FfÅA.

If a conflict arises between an employee and an employer, the matter is primarily handled through discussions between the employee and his or her supervisor, but the employee can also choose to contact a union representative immediately. In particularly problematic cases, this may be the best course of action as the union representative may also find it difficult to negotiate in a situation where the relationships at the workplace have already become inflamed. When it comes to the handling of conflicts and, for example, different interpretations of a collective agreement, the union representative has the right to access all information associated with the case and should strive to achieve a quick, appropriate and fair solution. In these cases, the union representative represents the employee. The union representative can also choose to addres possible problems on his or her own initiative.



Mika Helander serves as the union representative for all members of FfÅA, tel. +358 2 215 4678, e-mail: mika.helander(a)

Camilla Kronqvist serves as the deputy union representative for FfÅA, e-mail: camilla.kronqvist(a)

Mirkka Ali-Laurila serves as the main union representative for all JUKO-affiliated union branches at Åbo Akademi University, tel. 02-215 4208, e-mail: mirkka.ali-laurila(a)

Primarily contact the association’s own union representative!