ATTE is the Aalto University branch of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT). ATTE members are doctoral candidates, post docs, research fellows, assistant professors, university teachers, lecturers and other experts with higher education and research.

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Action plan 2020

GOAL 2020 –
Supervision of the interests of our members
ATTE profiles itself as champion of teacher and researcher identity ATTE updates its knowledge about members’ employment. Board members visit the different schools in occasions where potential members can be reached.


Increasing the amount of members
ATTE will have more than 240 members (minimum +20 members/year) New recruiting means are brainstormed and tested.
Improving communication
ATTE has an active communication channel towards its members ATTE invests to have a person for communication tasks paid by hourly fee.
Participating members
ATTE increases its visibilty in Aalto ATTE organizes two recreational happenings.
Influencing through FUURT
ATTE is an active member association inside FUURT ATTE nominates its representatives to FUURT board  and work groups
ATTE modernises its meeting practices enabling remote participation ATTE has a secretary who participates in the meetings. The secretary is paid by hourly fee.