Newsletter 5 / 2018

1. Can you make a career out of being a researcher? 14.11.2018, kl. 18, Koulu
2. Election of collegiate body
3. The new collective agreement

1. Can you make a career out of being a researcher? 14.11.2018, kl. 18, Restaurant Koulu

What opportunities do Åbo Akademi University and the other Finnish universities offer to researchers to advance in their career today? What possibilities and problems are involved in the tenure track system? Is it possible to advance in your career outside of the tenure track system? What are the specific challenges of grant based research?

You’re welcome to join us in a discussion about the research career on 14.11 kl. 18 at Ravintola Koulu. Miia Ijäs-Idrobo from FUURT opens the discussion with a view into current questions in research policy. Come and ask your questions and share your thoughts! Please invite someone who hasn’t yet joined FfÅA. FfÅA treats the participants to a drink and some snacks.

Registrations to ffaasekreterare(a) by the latest on 11.11.

Remember to answer FUURT:s questionnaire about the career models at the universities.

Read FUURT:s Grant information for researchers.

2. Election of collegiate body

7.11 at 9-19 you can vote in the Collegiate body election. Make sure to make your voice heard to secure the representation of researchers in the Collegiate body. FfÅA:s board member 2019 and previous chair is a candidate in the election. Read her thoughts on the election here:

Anna Törnroos-Remes, Asst. Prof. (tenure track) within the profiling area The Sea. 

With your vote in the University Collegiate Body, I will actively work to secure a high quality research, an attractive education and a seamless administration at and for the entire university. One of the perhaps most important tasks of the Collegiate Body concerns the board (i.e. appoint members, decide on numer of members and term). I consider it important to recruit members with a complementary background, insight into research and its impact in society, a will to communicate internally as well as be a voice for the university nationally and internationally. Other tasks belonging to the Collegiate Body are the annual account and report as well as granting discharge to the rector and board. Regarding these matters I believe transparency is important.

I have a wide experience in the administrative and organisational matters at Åbo Akademi from my previous engagements in the Collegiate Body and Department Councils, evaluation groups, Forskarföreningen and as the local shop steward. Finally, I also bring with me lessons from my four years abroad as visiting postdoc in Denmark.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss more in detail!

3. The new collective agreement

On 28.9 the FUURT board approved of the changes negotiated for the renewal of the salary system that were left after last winter’s collective bargaining. The new agreement involves some changes in how the system of assessment is structured.

  • 0,5 % of the total salary sum will be used for the increase of salaries of the university faculty.
  • The lower limit of personal performance levels is raised from 0 to 6%, and the upper limit from 46,3 to 50%.
  • The assessment system changes. The number of categories for assessing personal performance is decreased to four, with varying personal percentages within the categories.
  • The assessments will occur every fifth year in the future. A new employee can ask for an assessment six months after the employment has started.