Jytte’s board for the year 2022 has been organized

The new board, selected at the statutory fall meeting 18 November 2021, has been organized accordingly in the first meeting of the year, 19 January 2022. The contact details for the board members can be found here.

Johanna Turunen (Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies)

Vice-chair & Membership secretary
Matti Leppäniemi (Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics)

Elina Laurila (Department of Chemistry)

Pekka Pietilä (Department of History and Ethnology)

Communications secretary
Heidi Kosonen (Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies)

Other members of the board:
Hanna-Mari Husu (Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy)
Jouni Kaipainen (The Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius)
Nina Kullberg (Department of Psychology)
Antti Löppönen (Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences)

Deputy members:
Ulla Lautiainen (Centre for Multilingual Academic Communication)
Heli Niskanen (Educational services)
Tanja Välisalo (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)