HUART’s annual spring meeting on 24th September

HUART’s spring meeting will be held as a teleconference on 24 September at 16.45. Furthermore, additional meeting will be held before the spring meeting at 16.30. In the additional meeting the association should accept two changes in HUART’s regulation. The first is (6§) a change about the possibility to participate in statutory meetings remotely. The second change concerns auditing (§8) which should be updated so that it is possible to choose either an auditor or an audit firm to perform the audit.  Furthermore, it will be suggested for the additional meeting to choose a new auditor to perform the audit of the association as the previous auditor has retired.
Invitation to the meeting with Zoom link and instructions will be submitted to all HUART members at the latest 7 days before the meeting. All members are warmly welcome to join!

Please contact the organisation secretary: