Jytte’s parity and accessibility training series: Gender diversity

Jytte’s parity and accessibility -training series starts on Thursday 1 September with a session focused on gender diversity. Seta’s specialist Maarit Huuska considers the application of scientific knowledge for the advancement of individuals’ wellbeing from the perspective of gender, and Seta’s head secretary Kerttu Tarjamo complements this with perspectives from Rainbow Activism.

The training session is held on Zoom thursday 1 September, starting at 16.00 o’clock and ending by 19.00 o’clock. The training is for Jytte members alone.

You can enroll by sending an email to Heidi Kosonen (heidi.s.kosonen(at)jyu.fi) AND Nina Kullberg (nina.m.kullberg(at)jyu.fi). Please enroll by Wednesday 31 August 12.00 o’clock. If you have any wishes regarding the training session, for instance issues you’d like to know more about or questions you’d like to be able to discuss, you can send them to Heidi and Nina by the due date.

The language policy of the training session is still being negotiated. You may ask Heidi if you wish to attend the training session and do not understand Finnish.