Jytte’s Parity and Accessibility Training Series: Accessibility

Jytte’s parity and accessibility -training series continues on Thursday 6 October with a session focused on accessibility. The session is held by Amu Urhonen, a longtime disability activist and an expert in parity and equality. In the session, Urhonen will focus on the fundamental questions of accessibility from the perspective of research and education.

The training session is held on Zoom thursday 6 October, starting at 16.15 o’clock and ending by 19.00 o’clock. The training is for Jytte members alone.

You can enroll by sending an email to Heidi Kosonen (heidi.s.kosonen(at)jyu.fi) AND Nina Kullberg (nina.m.kullberg(at)jyu.fi). Please enroll by Monday 26 September 12.00 o’clock. We encourage the participants to send questions they’d like to be able to discuss before the training session takes place. You can send your questions to Heidi and Nina by the due date.

The training session is held in both Finnish and English.