In addition to FUURT benefits, our local association in Oulu also offers local benefits for our members:

►UOA owns a cottage in Iso-Syöte, which is affordably available for free-time use of our members throughout the year! Read more in the Syöte Cottage tab.

►The board members and other actives of UOA represent the members and other university staff in many university representative organs. UOA and FUURT offer a very good support net for advocacy work, because it enables us to better work together and share information and suggestions regarding all the different units, faculties and universities.

►UOA offers local events, seminars and training, which all aim to take care of the advocacy, well-being and networks of our members.

►UOA offers travel grants to conferences each year in order to support and encourage members to network internationally in their fields.

►Shop stewards of the association offer confidential support regarding working conditions or contract problems. UOA board members also offer help in advocacy and other topics.

Price of the membership is

  •  1 % of salary for contracted employees, 600 € maximum
  • 8 €/kk for others (does not include fund, except for extending the fund period to 6 months before a grant period)
  • 0 €/kk for basic level students (does not include fund, students with a large enough contract can join full membership)

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The activities of the association is managed by the board, which you can find on the Contacts-page. Many of the associations members also work in positions of trust at the university and in national organisations. If you want to be included in the list, contact a board member.

The board of the Finnish Union of University of Researchers and Teachers (FUURT): Pauli Väisänen (vice Ville Kellokumpu)
FUURT early career researchers’ work group: Pauli Väisänen, chair, Iira Rautiainen
The University of Oulu Board: Kimmo Kontio
The University of Oulu Collegium: Pirkko Viitala, Sirpa Aalto, Aku Venhola (vice)

The Cabin Crew:
Elina Rossi (Cabin manager)
Ville Kellokumpu

The international working group:
Andrew Pattison (Chair)
+21 members