Newsletter 1/2022


  1. Board 2022
  2. Invitation to spring assembly
  3. History
  4. Winners in the lottery
  5. Theatre trip: ”Dosentit”


  1. The new board for FfÅA was elected at the autumn assembly.

Chair: Anna Törnroos-Remes (maternal leave during spring 2022)

Vice chair: Mika Helander, mika.helander(a)

Secretary: Mia Åkerfelt, ffaasekreterare(a)

Treasurer: Camilla Kronqvist, camilla.kronqvist(a)

Communications manager: Ylva Gustafsson, ffaainformation(a)

Ran Blumgrund, ran.blumgrund(a)

Sonja Grönblom, sonja.gronblom(a)

Tanwir Ahmad, tanwir.ahmad(a), alternate


  1. Invitation to spring assembly

The members of FfÅA are invited to the FfÅA Spring assembly Thursday, 31.3 2022 at 18.00, at Restaurant Hügge, Linnankatu 3,

The union subsidizes your dinner so please sign up by e-mail to by 24.3. Please include special diets in your message.

The assembly material and meeting will be held in Swedish, but we will speak English at the table too – so do feel warmly welcome to join in and take this chance to learn a little more about the union work at ÅA.


  1. History

The history of FfÅA written for the asscosiation’s 60year jubileum is being formatted and will be published digitally during the spring.


  1. Winners in the lottery

The members of FfÅA were asked to come in with suggestions for happenings during the 60 years jubileum years. In the lottery for two gift cards for a restaurant visit Patrik Hettula and Katarina Frostell were the winners.


  1. Theatre trip: ”Dosentit”

In the hope that the situation with the pandemic will continue to improve FfÅA plans a theatre trip for its members to Helsinki to see the play ”Dosentit”, The play is in Finnish, but we hope that our international members also take the opportunity to join us. Keep your eyes open for more information!