Vaasa University Researchers and Teachers Association VYTY

VYTY is a local association of the Finnish Union of Researhers and Teachers at the Univeristy of Vaasa. Its members include among others doctoral students, teaching assistants, lecturers, and researchers. VYTY is the largest trustee of research and teaching staff in the university.VYTY is an active guardian of the interests of its members. VYTY protects rights and benefits related to their work.VYTY organizes various events for its members. These events are great opportunities to meet VYTY members from other faculties and departments.

Contact us

Teemu Mäenpää
+358 29 449 8301

Vice chair
Khuram Shahzad
+358 29 449 8584

Shop steward: Teemu Mäenpää
+358 29 449 8301

Deputy shop steward: Niina Nissilä
+358 29 449 8394