Join the LaTKA and our activities!

With the same application you apply to become a member of FUURT, LaTKA and the Teachers’ unemployment fund. The board of LaTKA decides on its new members.


Membership officially begins, at the earliest, on the date when the written application for membership is submitted. You can also choose a date when you wish your membership to begin. Please note, however, that you cannot join retroactively.

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Membership benefits

As a member you can take advantage of the member services and benefits.

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Updating membership details

Please inform us of any changes to your membership details, such as a changed employment relationship or contact information, so that we can maintain an up‑to‑date member register. In order to successfully represent our members’ interests, it is vitally important for us to have up-to-date information about where our members work!

You can change your membership details in eServices.  

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