Academic Community Afternoon

Academic Community Afternoons are a new, relaxed event organized by the University of Oulu Academics (Tieteentekijät/FUURT) association. The events are open to all members of the academic community. The events have a theme based on some current topics.
The fist Academic Community Afternoon will be organized on Friday 2.12.2022 at 14-16 in space KE1002 in Linnanmaa.
The theme of the first Afternoon are the new university-widely introduced part-time contracts, which ensure more equal income, rights, responsibilities, access to university systems and healthcare etc. The new model also represents a change in academics thinking and culture: Grant researchers are not outsiders using the university infrastructre, but successful members of the community who have secured external funding. The event will include a short presentation about the model and things of note to, e.g., grant researchers and supervisors.
We work bilingually: both Finnish and English can be used. We will summarize/translate when needed.
No registration required, join for the whole time or stop by when walking past. Coffee/Glögi is served.