HUART Open Letter to the Board of the University of Helsinki

Open Letter to the Board of the University of Helsinki

Dear University of Helsinki Board members,

We, the Helsinki University Association of Researchers and Teachers (HUART) Board, wish to express our support to the Students and Researchers for Palestine who have initiated an encampment in solidarity with Palestine at the City Centre Campus and who will discuss their demands with the UH Board this afternoon.

Students and researchers are at the heart of the University of Helsinki. It is imperative that the Board considers their concerns and demands, demonstrating a commitment to openness and democracy. Furthermore, we see this as an opportunity for the Board to reflect on our current partnerships with Israeli institutions in alignment with our university’s values and ethics. Upholding universal human rights and safeguarding academic freedom on a global scale are integral responsibilities of our institution.

We urge the Board to approach this discussion with understanding and a genuine commitment to addressing their concerns and demands. By listening attentively to the voices of our students and researchers and engaging in an open dialogue, we can collectively strive towards a university community that upholds the principles of justice, equality, and solidarity.


Yours sincerely,

HUART’s Board