Defenders of Academic Work discussion event

Academics produce the knowledge that our society needs. The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) works to support all academics as a unique science policy advocate.

Come to listen and discuss how the everyday life of academics and those that support academic work is addressed in advocacy work both locally and on the national level. And what kind of successes have recently been achieved through our advocacy activities. Come also to share what you hope from our promotion of interests. 

We will give each FUURT member who attends the event a lunch voucher (valid for week 48). Also bring your colleague who is interested in FUURT – we will also offer a lunch to them! Registration in advance is not necessary. 

You can attend the event also remotely via Teams. Please note that lunch vouchers are not available for remote participants.



Maija S. Peltola, President of FUURT 

Marko Pietilä, Chairperson of ITTE