Apply for SATY’s grant by September 15!

SATY awards grants for professional development to its members. Grants are awarded, for example, for further professional training, conference travel, publication costs or the promotion of well-being at work. The grants can be applied twice a year: by 15.3. and by 15.9. Decisions on the grants of the March application round are made in the April board meeting and decisions on the September application round in the October board meeting. The maximum amount of an individual grant is 500 EUR. The SATY Board may award grants up to 3,500 EUR during one calendar year.

The board of SATY deliberates on the amount and size of the grants issued. Social and financial circumstances are taken in consideration when deliberating on the grants issued. Especially applicants, who currently are unemployed, will be taken into account. The degree in which employed applicants can be supported with grants,  depends on the total amount of applicants, the percentage of unemployed applicants, the size of the grants applied and the sum dispensed.

The application grant is in effect for one application round. If an applicant isn’t issued a grant, the same application can be used on another round, if the application premises haven’t changed.

How to apply

Fill the grant application form in which you will be asked to fill in following information among other things: the purpose of the grant applied (what, where, when and why), the amount applied and its portion of the  total amount of the expenses. You will also be asked to elaborate on why you should be issued a grant. If the need arises, the board can ask the applicant for further information.

Send your application as a PDF-file with the headline ”SATY grant application” to: saty.jarjestosihteeri[at]

Name the file as follows: SATY_Grant_autumn_2022_lastname_firstname

Find the application form here: SATY Grant application

Send the application form as a pdf file to the SATY secretary at The headline of the e-mail should be ”SATY grant application”.

Please note, that SATY does not issue grants on expenses that have taken place before the application process. The projects for which the grants are applied must be scheduled after the application process.

The grants are only issued to members, who haven’t received one in two years.

Please also take into consideration, that the grant recipients are obligated to send reports on the usage of the grant to the board in the span of six months after the usage of the grant. If you get awarded with a grant, you will be informed in further detail on how to do the report.

Grant application rounds end in spring  15.3. at 11.59 pm and in fall 15.9. at 11.59 pm.