University Elections 2021

Turun yliopiston vaalit 2021

Lisätietoa Turun yliopiston vaaleista suomeksi löytyy täältä.

In the University Elections of 2021, the personnel of the University of Turku elect their representatives to a number of decision-making bodies, most notably the University Board (hallitus) and the University Collegiate Council (kollegio).

TURTLE represents approximately one half of the teaching and research staff of the University of Turku. Our aim is to continue having a strong presence in the university governance and in this way serve our members’ interests.

Electronic voting takes place 9–11 November 2021.

University Board

The Board is the highest decision-making body of the university.

The University Board has 10 members. Four of them come from outside the university, six members represent the three groups of the university community: professors, students and the so-called middle group consisting of those personnel groups that are neither students nor professors (such as lecturers, doctoral researchers and administrative personnel). TURTLE has nominated candidates in the professor category as well as the middle group category.

Find out more about our candidates.

University Collegiate Council

The University Collegiate Council is one of the central governing bodies of the university. It is also an important discussion venue between the grass-root level of the university community and the management of the university. The Collegiate Council also nominates a part of the Board members (the so-called external members).

The Collegiate Council has 30 members (and their personal deputies). 10 members represent professors, 10 represent students and 10 represent the middle group.

TURTLE has nominated a list of candidates in the middle group category.

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Our priorities

University of Turku: a strong multidisciplinary research university!

  • Teachers and researchers are not overburdened with teaching and management responsibilities.
  • The essence of university work is research and teaching. These require well-functioning and extensive support and expert services that need to be safeguarded.
  • The HR plan is clear and academic achievements are a merit for career advancement for teachers, researchers and other experts.
  • Good personnel policy is a central value

University of Turku Researchers, Teachers and Lecturers is the largest personnel organization at the University of Turku. Vote for a TURTLE candidate to represent You in decision making at UTU!

Your vote makes a difference!