The University of Oulu Elections will be held on 3.-4. October 2021. On this page you will find a collection of FUURT members who are candidates in the elections. The listings are in alphabetical order by the positions.

Members can still leave their information using this form: https://forms.office.com/r/bc696z6BPd

University Election Candidates




KimmoKontio_Kimmo Kontio

Kimmo Kontio

Work title, unit: University Lecturer, Faculty of Education

Election goals

  • Staff’s – teaching and research staff and other staff – genuine hearing and possibilities of participating in the decision-making of the university must be increased. Every member of the staff must know to be an important part of the university community.
  • Attention must be paid to the expediency of the division of labor and to the meaningfulness of the job descriptions. Let’s concentrate on the essential and recognize that the success and profitability of the university will lean on the functional cooperation between the faculties and services.
  • The organization of the university must be based on the idea that developing of a research and education will go hand in hand. According to this, the organization structure and the mechanisms of internal money sharing must serve the developing of the university sensibly and justly.

Notable earlier experience:

  • University Board 2018-2021
  • University head shop steward (JUKO ry) 2010-2016
  • FUURT and UOA active since the year 2002




Pauli Väisänen

Work title, unit: Doctoral Researcher, Space Physics and Astronomy Research Unit

Election goals

  • Early career, grant and international researcher need to be regarded as full and professional members of the academic community.
  • University democracy needs to be strengthened by increasing the genuine decision-making power of the academic community, e.g. through giving more power to the university collegium and faculty boards.
  • Internal governance and the distribution of resources needs to be unbiased and appropriate. The research, teaching and other staff needs to be able to focus on their key tasks without extra work load through administrative tasks.

Notable earlier experience:

  • Education Council member 2014–2015
  • University board member 2016–2017
  • UniOGS management group member and chair of the doctoral students’ section 2018
  • Research Council member 2017–2019
  • RAE2020-management group member
  • University of Oulu Acaemics board member 2018-19, chair 2020-
  • FUURT Early Career Researchers’ working group member 2019-2020, Chair 2021-2022
  • FUURT board member 2020-







Työkuva 2021

Sirpa Aalto

Tehtävä, yksikkö: Strategy and Science Policy Unit

Election goals

  • bringing up the staff viewpoints in important matters such as the campus move
  • bringing up the importance of collegium in our university community
  • continuing the discussions between the collegium and the Oulu university board

Notable earlier experience:

  • University Collegium Member 2018-2021




Aku Venhola

Work title, unit: University Lecturer, Space Physics and Astronomy Research Unit

Election goals

  • Strengthening democracy at all university levels – University Decision-making should work from bottom-up, not the other way around. Practices of hearing the opinions of the academic community need to be developed and the questions or methods should not pre-direct or intimidate to get “better” responses.
  • Transparency in decision-making – Agendas and minutes of meetings must be open and available with full information. Discussion between the University Board and Collegium must be increased.
  • Allocation of funding needs to have continuity and be expedient – University needs to support the units in terms of long-term work when needed. The university will prosper when we have versatile and diverse research groups which can trust in their future and the staff can focus on their main tasks.

Notable earlier experience:

  • Shop Steward (Faculty of Science) 2021-2023
  • UOA’s board member and membership secretary 2020-2021
  • UOA’s board vice member 2019-2020




Pirkko Viitala

Work title, unit: Head of Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine

Election goals

  • Strenghtening the collegium’s position
  • Increasing the voice of the university community in decision-making, strengthening the university democracy
  • More interaction with the University Board and Collegium
  • Work peace and stability instead of constant pressure of reforms; staff should be able to adequately focus on their key work tasks.

Notable earlier experience:

  • Active participitation as a University Collegium vice chair 2018-2021
  • UOA’s and FUURT’s active from year 2000