When you get bitten by wanderlust, Turva insurance has got you covered

Are you planning to travel abroad to escape the slush and freezing weather of winter?

Travel is often a significant monetary investment, even without unexpected costs. As such, you should never go on a trip without traveller’s insurance. If you end up falling ill or having an accident while travelling abroad, it may lead to massive costs if you are not insured.

Without insurance, even a regular stomach bug that requires a doctor’s appointment may be costly, not to mention more serious illnesses.

“We have a fresh example in a case in which a traveller caught the coronavirus in Turkey. Their ambulance flight to Finland with shared transportation ended up costing €15,700. Neither Kela nor the government reimburse such expenses. And that price does not even include the costs of the person’s hospitalisation and intensive care,” explains Claims Specialist Tiina Koivuniemi from insurance company Turva.

Another drastic case occurred when a traveller had a heart attack on the Canary Islands.

“Their two-week hospitalisation ended up costing €41,000. They were entitled to compensation with a European health insurance card, meaning that they had the right to receive care in a public care institution for the same price as local residents. On top of that, their flight to Finland with a nurse escort cost around €6,000, which Kela does not reimburse,” Koivuniemi continues.

Luckily, these travellers had their insurance affairs in order. Falling ill is unpleasant enough without a gigantic invoice to deal with afterwards. It is a good idea to acquire a European health insurance card from Kela to complement your travel insurance before starting your trip.

Am I insured?

As a member of FUURT, you do not have to take care of your travel insurance yourself. The Union has taken out a member insurance policy with Turva for its members, which includes traveller’s insurance for leisure time travel in Finland and abroad.

The insurance covers the Union’s members under the age of 68, including retired members, and any accompanying children under the age of 15. The insurance is valid for up to 45 days from the beginning of the trip. For any excess travel days, you should take out temporary traveller’s insurance with Turva. You should also check whether the sports excluded in the insurance terms feature a sport that you engage in and, if necessary, take out additional insurance for that sport.

Pre-departure checklist

  • Download the TaskuTurva app (in Finnish) onto your phone. The app will show your travel insurance card and the contact information of a reliable doctor when you travel abroad. TaskuTurva will also connect you to the travel emergency service SOS International if needed.
  • Your union membership card will also serve as your travel insurance card.
  • You should also acquire a free European health insurance card from Kela.
  • If something happens and the medical centre you visit does not recognise your union travel insurance card, contact the travel emergency service SOS International. SOS can grant a payment commitment for your treatment costs.
  • If you have to pay your own treatment costs, keep all the receipts and submit them to Turva when so requested. Apply for compensation via the electronic compensation service: turva.fi/tieteentekijat (only in Finnish).

What costs will the insurance compensate you for?

Your insurance will compensate you for the treatment costs of a sudden illness or accident occurring during travel. Examples of such costs include doctor’s fees, examination costs, hospital care and medications prescribed by a doctor. If your illness started before your trip, your insurance will only cover first aid provided due to the illness worsening in your travel destination.

Your insurance will also compensate you for costs arising from your trip being cancelled or aborted, as well as costs arising from your trip being delayed in situations mentioned in the insurance terms. You should also check whether you should take out additional insurance for your luggage or whether luggage insurance is included in your home insurance policy.

SOS International provides help to travellers who need it

SOS International is an international travel emergency service company owned by Nordic insurance companies. The service can provide you with help if you e.g. fall ill and need a doctor’s appointment or hospital care while travelling abroad. The emergency service is open around the clock.

The SOS Intenational travel emergency service will provide you with help particularly in serious cases of illness or accident situations, or if you need help in order to receive care. Their experts will look into your case and request assistance from SOS International’s consultant doctor, if necessary. SOS International can discuss your case with your treatment provider and forward all information relevant to your care to the hospital treating you. SOS International can also arrange a new return trip for you, as well as accommodation for you in your travel destination. In situations in which the hospital rejects your travel insurance card and refuses to send their invoice to Turva, you can request that the hospital contact SOS International.

Where can I find more information?

You can find the insurance terms of the member insurance policy and compensation claim instructions here: turva.fi/tieteentekijat (only in Finnish).

Please read the insurance terms and the restrictions that apply to the policy before your trip begins. You can also receive additional information from Turva’s offices or customer service number 01019 5110. Have a pleasant trip and fun adventures, wherever you are going!