Strike benefit instructions for FUURT members

A strike benefit refers to the daily compensation for strike days that is paid to members for their earnings lost due an industrial conflict.

Once a strike has ended, members can separately apply for strike benefits from FUURT using the form found below. The form will be activated for use whenever a possible strike has been announced. The right to a strike benefit requires participation in the strike.  

Before you complete the application form, please update your bank account and workplace details in FUURT’s e-service and, at the same time, ensure that you have paid all due membership fees.

Your workplace information should be kept up to date in our member register, so that we know whether you are working in a workplace that falls within the sphere of a strike. Strike benefits are only paid to those individuals who have been Union members for more than one week prior to the start of the strike and whose membership fees have been paid as required. Any missing information will delay the payment of benefits. 

In order to receive the strike benefits, you must submit a pay slip that shows the loss of earnings during strike days. This certificate can be attached to the benefit application form. 

Application instructions for strike benefits

  1. Check in our e-service that your bank account number and workplace information are up to date and that all membership fees have been paid as required. 
  2. Carefully complete the strike benefit application form: Click here to open the application.
  3. Attach a pay slip to your application in order to show that no wages were paid during the strike days.

Please submit your strike benefit application no later than two months from the end of the strike.

The strike can pertain to a specific field, individual companies, personnel groups or specific duties. FUURT’s members work for universities and universities of applied sciences as well as for the private sector, municipalities and the State.

You will receive more information about the amount of the strike benefit for the sector in question when a possible strike is announced. The benefit for the municipal sector during spring 2022 is 120 euro/strike day.

Taxation on the strike benefit

The tax-free amount of the strike benefit is 16 euro/day. The tax withholding rate is determined by the amount of the strike benefit, but is generally about 30–45% in accordance with the table below. Taxation of strike benefits are determined by the Decision of the Finnish Tax Administration on the collection method and amount of withheld taxes. FUURT handles the tax withholding and other necessary notifications for the Tax Administration.

Strike benefit in euro/day Withholding rate
0.17–26   20
26.01–39 25
39.01–51   30
51.01–66 35
66.01–100 40
100.01–156 45
156.01– 50