ITTE´s board 2021

Marko Pietilä (Chair)
International Relations Coordinator,
Development Services, Kuopio

Marko Junkkarinen (secretary)
Recruitment manager
Student and learning services, Joensuu

Tuija Mononen (Event organizer)
Senior Researcher
Department of Geographical and
Historical studies, Joensuu

Tero Karjalainen´s Profile image
Tero Karjalainen (Event organizer)
The Centre for Continuous Learning, Kuopio



Sanna Rantakömi (vice chair)
Public health and clinical nutrition, Kuopio


Petri Tanska (treasurer)
Post doctoral researcher
Department of Applied Physics, Kuopio

Salli Anttonen profiilikuva
Salli Anttonen (Web pages, communication)
Doctoral Programme in Social and Cultural Encounters
Student and Learning Services, Joensuu

Sampson Andoh
Doctoral student
Department of Physics and Mathematics, Joensuu


Vice members:

Anna-Maria Veijalainen (Membership secretary)
University Lecturer
Department of Environmental Science, Kuopio

Mariana Galvao Lyra
Doctoral student
Department of Geographical and
Historical studies, Joensuu




Antero Puhakka
University Lecturer
Department of Social Sciences, Joensuu